• 2022 AreaCon ELYUmination

  • San Fernando City, La Union

  • September 2-4, 2022

2022 AreaCon ELYUmination

70 years strong indeed!
18/18 Bids
Congratulations, JCI Angeles City Culiat!
🏆Best of the best Local Organization: Culiat and changing times: growing, evolving, sustaining
🏆Best of the best Local Project: Petstival
🏆Most Outstanding LO President : Cai-ya natin to (We Can do this)
🏆Most Outstanding Local Organization Cat 1:
Culiat and changing times: growing, evolving, sustaining
🏆Most Outstanding Member: KIE to success – Frankie Adviento
🏆Most Outstanding Trainer: Culiats Trailblazer, a Learning Strategist and Philomath- Jester Biluan
🏆Best Cultural Affairs Program: Kusinang Kapampangan
🏆Best Animal Welfare Program : Petstival
🏆Best International Program: Pamiabe-abe JCI Week Philippines Grand Fellowship
🏆Best Fundraising Program: Drive with Dad 2022
🏅Best Publication: Bulung Culiat – Immortalizing Culiats Best of 70 years
▪︎ Best Public Relations Program: “I Do Mo, Sagot Ko” a free wedding for deserving couples of Angeles City
▪︎ Best Civic Involvement Program: Talastasang Culiat
▪︎Best JCI rise: Hydroponics- Lettuce grow
▪︎Best Tourism Project: Eats Kapampangan
▪︎Best Local Global goals: Obrang Culiat
▪︎Best Local Growth and Development Program: Culiats Rekindling Passion for excellence
▪︎Best New Member: Will-power, William Banal
Congratulations to the project chairs, co-chairs, bid writers and layout artists!
Indeed, it’s a privilege and always something to be proud of being part of JCI Angeles City Culiat, may you be a new member, regular member, associate member, a BOD member, a past member and a Past President.💯
Congratulations , JCI Angeles City Culiat, Now, your identity is no longer just the best but BEST OF THE BEST! 🙌🥳🏆❤️
Happened last Sept 3, 2022 at La Union during the 2022 JCI Area 1 Conference!