Culiat Talks 3

Breaking The Glass Ceiling

A talk on leadership and life lessons with our very own Culiat women presidents in this special episode of #CuliatTalks as part of the National Women’s Month celebration.

Culiat Talks 4

Beyond Positional Leadership

Beyond Positional Leadership with JCI Mem. Gabriel De Luna. The talk focused on advancing past the lowest form of leadership in organizations — JCI or not.

Culiat Talks 5

Stock Market Session for Starters

JCI Angeles City Culiat delivered an seminar exploring the basics of the stock market, providing beginners with valuable insights and knowledge to navigate the world of investments.

Culiat Talks 6

Smartphone Photography

Estetik? IG-worthy shots? We know you want them! Know the tricks on taking instagrammable and aesthetic photos in the #CuliatTalks

Culiat Talks 8

League Of Past Presidents

League of Presidents “Revolutionizing the Culiat Leadership”#CuliatTalks